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Erin Miller Rankin

Erin Miller Rankin, Partner

Construction and engineering, Disputes, litigation and arbitration

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  • Erin Miller Rankin, Bryan Dayton, Bahrain's Chamber for Dispute Resolution's International Arbitration Review, Kluwer Law International, December 2017 The Law on Global Claims: An Area Ripe for Development in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates

  • D.Brian King, Erin Miller Rankin, Kim Rosenberg, GAR – The Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review 2017, April 2017 Overview: Construction Arbitration in East Africa

  • D.Brian King, Erin Miller Rankin, Don Jeon, KOREAN ARBITRATION REVIEW 6th Issue, July 2016 Procedural Orders and Beyond: Tailoring the Arbitral Process to Maximize Efficiency