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Regulatory capital

Helping comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

The regulatory capital aspects of debt capital raising for banks, insurers and other financial institutions have faced wholesale changes in recent years.

Regulations have increased in complexity and are still evolving on a regular basis, at national, EU and wider global levels.

We’re well-known for our work in structuring debt instruments to help financial institutions comply with existing as well as upcoming regulatory requirements, acting for both issuers and investment banks.

Finanzierung und Kapitalaufnahme

  • Asset Finance
  • Corporate Treasury
  • Eigenkapitalmarktrecht
  • Fremdkapitalmarktrecht
  • High Yield
  • Hybridkapital
  • Infrastrukturfinanzierung
  • Immobilienfinanzierung
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Mindesteigenkapital
  • Projektfinanzierung
  • Restrukturierung und Insolvenz
  • Strukturierte Produkte und Derivate
  • Verbriefungen