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Antitrust and competition

Antitrust investigations

Companies seeking to limit their exposure to antitrust investigations and sanctions must be alert to the effects of globally coordinated enforcement efforts and the risk of related litigation. This calls for a cohesive, consistent and thorough approach to risk management and robust global defence strategies. Our market-leading team is dedicated to providing this level of support on matters from start to finish.

Authorities worldwide are employing ever more sophisticated investigative techniques and are enforcing antitrust rules with increasing vigour. This heightened scrutiny can have serious implications for businesses’ financial and reputational exposure over a long period.

Clients rely on our unparalleled experience to manage allegations of cartel involvement, abuse of dominance and other conduct stemming from a broadening spectrum of commercial activities. As authorities adopt more creative theories when assessing companies’ conduct, we can help businesses navigate the interplay of antitrust investigations with consumer protection, data privacy and IP considerations. Another growing area where we offer unrivalled expertise is mitigating the risk of infringing antitrust rules through digital means, such as using data, artificial intelligence and algorithms.

We excel in offering guidance on preventive compliance and helping clients manage the impact of antitrust investigations and sector inquires on their businesses, including the recent global focus on digital markets, life sciences and other innovative industries.

From the outset of an investigation, we assist in making crucial strategic decisions swiftly, such as whether to seek leniency. We also provide strategic support throughout, including responding to information requests, appearing in hearings, settlement or commitments negotiations, appeals and the defence of any private litigation.

Freshfields’ global network enables seamless coordination of advocacy across multiple jurisdictions. Our extensive experience in cutting-edge cases helps to ensure our clients’ compliance with antitrust laws globally and defend their interests in the face of enforcement actions or legal challenges.


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