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'Risk and compliance' podcast series

Essential Antitrust #37: Antitrust in 2024: competition enforcement takes center stage

In our first Essential Antitrust podcast of 2024, host Jenn Mellott is joined by Alastair Chapman, Ninette Dodoo and Mark Sansom to explore some of the themes highlighted in “Global antitrust in 2024: 10 key themes”, our recent report on the biggest trends in antitrust for the year ahead.

With insights from the US, UK, EU and Asia, we predict how antitrust will continue to be used as a wide-ranging tool in 2024 – from aggressive enforcement targeted at digital markets and AI to novel theories of harm in M&A, and from risks and opportunities at the intersection of antitrust and sustainability to the expansive use of abuse and monopolization claims in antitrust damages actions to pursue general consumer or unfair competition issues.

Businesses that want to stay one step ahead will need a global strategy to navigate these evolving and dynamic challenges.

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