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Coronavirus alert hub

Navigating the challenges facing your business – today and tomorrow.

As governments implement strategies to control the spread of COVID-19, companies face an uncertain future.

You are no doubt focused on managing your immediate response such as keeping your workforce safe and responding to regulatory action.

While this presents an enormous challenge, a reactive approach is not enough.

The decisions you make today could be scrutinised for years to come

You will need to invest time and resources into understanding your overall risk position, both in terms of the issues you face today and those that might arise tomorrow.

As was the case with the financial crisis, the decisions you are making now could be scrutinised for years to come.

Practical checklists to help you scope your risk

The insights collected here will help you understand the key issues for your business.

Each section contains checklists that you can download to share and use in meetings. They are not exhaustive, but are designed to help you scope your risk.

On each page you will also find links to our blogs and briefings, where these topics are explored in more detail.

This is a fast-moving crisis and our content is being updated all the time. Please tell us what you think and if there are important questions we haven’t answered, let us know.

It is a worrying time for everyone, but we hope that by bringing together our teams in this way we can help you navigate whatever lies ahead.